Extremist sentenced to 17 years in prison for Australia plot

Extremist sentenced to 17 years in prison for Australia plot

Extremist sentenced to 17 years in prison for Australia plot

A Logan man who bought a rifle and ingredients to make molotov cocktails for a terror attack on Australian soil is due to be sentenced today.

The 25-year-old pleaded guilty to preparing or planning for a terrorist act and preparing for an incursion into a foreign state.

The 25-year-old will be eligible for parole after 13 years.

"You remain a serious risk to the public", Justice Rosalyn Atkinson said in sentencing.

Agim Kruezi (right) after his 2014 arrest.

The crown prosecutor said Kruezi had "a radical and extremism view of his religion, Islam, which he was motivated to carry out acts hat can be described as violent jihad".

He later purchased 10 litres of petrol before travelling to several shops including Ikea and Spotlight, attempting to buy glass bottles and cork stoppers suitable to make molotov cocktails.

His actions led to police raiding his home in September 2014 where they found an ISIS flag pinned to his wall, a loaded rifle, two machetes and two balaclavas.

"The defendant believed he and other Muslims had a religious duty to fight. and this provided part of the motivation fro his offending", Mr Crowley said.

The court heard Kruezi, reportedly an Australian-born Albanian, planned to travel to Syria to fight with an Al-Qaeda-affiliated group but was stopped by customs officers and his passport was cancelled.

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"There seems little doubt. that you meant to carry out the terror plot, albeit the precise details were yet to crystallise".

"She later added: ".it is self-evident that terrorist action has caused vast harm.

"It can engender fear and distrust and stop people exercising cherished freedoms. a whole society can be affected".

Kruezi spent more than three months in solitary confinement after his September 2014 arrest.

Kruezi pleaded guilty to the incursion and terror-plotting charges, but 10 other charges against him were withdrawn during a June court hearing.

"It appears, in this case, you have accepted you committed these criminal acts but I see no evidence of remorse", Justice Atkinson said.

Kruezi has already served more than 900 days behind bars.

Family members and supporters sobbed as his sentence was handed down.

". our community is strong in it's resolve to stand up to terrorism".

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