God of War Gets New Game Plus on August 20

God of War Gets New Game Plus on August 20

God of War Gets New Game Plus on August 20

Today, Sony Santa Monica revealed when New Game Plus will arrive, and it's going to be here in just a couple of weeks.

God of War is a fantastic game but it doesn't really offer much for players to do once they've gathered every collectible, completed all side quests, and found the best armor pieces.

The update will be released later this month, and the new mode will be available to those who have completed the story campaign.

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The New Game Plus mode introduces a few new features and challenges as well. There is even a new rarity level. New Game+ unlocks after you finish the regular game once, as you might expect.

This update sounds like a fantastic addition to one of the best games of the year (decade?), but we can't help but wonder just how hard this will make the game's most challenging moments. Instead, it'll increase the difficulty by forcing encounters with enemies of higher levels and will give players new gear to look for. A New Game Plus mode, originally announced at E3 2018, is coming on August 20. Make sure to play around with the new armors and enchantments, as well, to explore the new customization options. Collect "Skap Slag", a new resource to upgrade your gear to the best of the best from our finest blacksmiths.

According to Kaufman, not only will the forthcoming patch be the "biggest update to God of War" yet, but also it has been inspired by player feedback, so it will be interesting to see how the fan base reacts when it goes live.

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