Google Pixel 3 release date revealed in extraordinary leak

Google Pixel 3 release date revealed in extraordinary leak

Google Pixel 3 release date revealed in extraordinary leak

We've known for a while now that Google has high hopes for its incoming Pixel 3 range of smartphones, and has seemingly engineered them with just one main focus, gun down Apple's new iPhone range.

Even though the supposed launch date is now less than two months away, Google has not historically shipped the Pixel to regular consumers until about two weeks after the unveiling at a "Made by Google" event.

After some initial rumours and leaks, Google has now reportedly confirmed the launch date of the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. The date makes flawless sense, as it lines up perfectly with what Google has done in previous years. The ad was allegedly created by Google in an attempt to promote the Pixel 3 in Canada.

But in fact, Lee claims to have seen an advert posted by Google itself on Famebit, a YouTube influencer marketing platform. Some of you may recall that past year, some people who usually review iPhones before they hit the stores were incredibly annoyed to see that influencers also got them.

Apple is Killing the App Store Affiliate Program
All other content types such as music, movies, books, and TV remain in the affiliate program, the company wrote in a post . Services revenue jumped 31% to $9.6 billion last quarter, putting the company on track to easily reach its goal.

Google wants to do the same thing, and that's nothing wrong with that. But again, it seems that Google is taking its lead yet again from Apple. In the ad description, there is a call for Canadian creators to share their story of switching over to Pixel 3. There's always a chance this ad doesn't come from Google directly. But it's incredibly specific when it comes to requirements.

A massive leak has revealed that the Google Pixel 3 (and its larger sibling, undoubtedly) will be announced on Thursday, 4 October and be available to order on the same day. In addition to the new Pixel phones, a smartwatch and possibly new wireless Pixel Buds are also expected to be unveiled. But it's likely we're looking at the announcement date here.

The company's rumoured Pixel 3 phone is shaping up to go toe-to-toe with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Apple's next version of the iPhone X.

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