Here’s Why Android Users Shift To iOS According To A New Survey

Here’s Why Android Users Shift To iOS According To A New Survey

Here’s Why Android Users Shift To iOS According To A New Survey

While it's really impossible to find something very conclusive, efforts are on to understand why a smartphone user jump off the ship. Out of the total sample size, 54 percent of consumers owned the iPhone, 27 percent owned a Samsung device running Android.

About a third (29 percent) of those who had switched from iPhone to devices to ones running Google's operating system cited "Better prices".

According to the PCMag study, the reason why smartphone users switch from Android to iPhone is quite different from those shifting otherwise.

A wide range of smartphone users who have switched mobile OSes-18 percent-went from Android to iOS.

Interesting, nearly equal numbers of people who'd gone from iPhone to Android and those who switched the other direction cited "Better features (camera, design, etc)" as the reason.

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On the other side of the spectrum, the top reasons for switching from iOS to Android included a better user experience and better prices.

Chrome 69 will also bring other much-needed changes, including the depreciation of Adobe Flash plug-ins, which Google has been working on for years. They found Android smartphones offer more value for money than exaggeratedly priced iPhone devices.

Following on from a recent Associated Press report which detailed how Google collected location-based data even after users may have believed they had disabled the feature, the latest report explains how Google devices send up to ten times more data to the company's servers than an iPhone does to Apple's. Moving on, the survey of 2,500 US consumers was conducted out of which 18 percent switched from Android to iOS and 11 percent switched to Android from iOS. Thirty-four percent buy a newly released phone when their contract is up, and 17 percent purchase a new phone only when they break the screen on their current phone.

On the question of respondents: "How often do you change phones?", - 53% said they are willing to replace only gadget in case of breakage.

The study was conducted on 2,500 smartphone users in the United States in the month of August 2018.

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