Jimmy Fallon Vomits While Playing a Drinking Game With Ryan Reynolds



Ryan Reynolds visited Monday's (August 13) The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote his gin company, Aviation Gin, and played a weird drinking game called "Drinko"!

The two men dropped a disc through a maze-board to determine which mixer they would pair with the alcohol for their unique cocktail experience.

While on stage, Fallon, 43, and Reynolds, 41, played a freaky drinking game called "Drinko" in which they were forced to choose from a variety of disgusting chasers such as bacon, egg and cheese, blood, bone broth, clam juice, horseradish and more.

Fallon went next and was forced to drink blended Twinkies and horseradish.

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"I have such a weak stomach", Reynolds says as their little game of "Drinko" commenced. The combination made the late night host puke inside a garbage can.

Reynolds also discussed making Deadpool 2 and how the home video release of the film will include 15 minutes of new footage and unused jokes not seen in the theatrical version.

Meanwhile, Reynolds soon showed Fallon who the real disgusting drinker is when he easily downed a blend of kombucha, grape soda, blood, bone broth, and bacon, egg, and cheese.

"The whole story of the movie would be Deadpool trying to steal the big red chair from The Voice", he said.

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