NASA Creates Glowing Map That Shows Dust Clouds Across Earth

Credit NASA Earth Observatory

Credit NASA Earth Observatory

NASA has recently released a stunning but scary visualization of the plumes of aerosols swirling everywhere in the world.

According to the official NASA post: "Even if the air looks clear, it is almost certain that you will inhale millions of solid particles and liquid droplets".

After viewing the raw data from these satellites, NASA then turned to its Goddard Earth Observing System Forward Processing model to process the data.

The red denotes black carbon particles. These potentially harmful particles can be found anywhere on Earth and, as a recent NASA visualization shows, can appear in large concentrations in our atmosphere.

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NASA explained that the image was not shot by a single camera and that it's not even a composite of numerous images directly taken by satellites or ground sensors.

The black carbon particles (red) are emitted as a result of forest fires, as well as vehicle, factory and other emissions. Apart from identifiable sources (like seasonal agricultural burning in Africa), there are also more ethereal aerosol patterns, like the wisps of sea salt moving across the Southern Hemisphere's oceans. Increased blue swirls worth at sea salt stirred up by twin typhoons Soulik and Cimaron, which neared South Korea and Japan at the time, the agency notes.Purple clouds, representing mud particles, counsel worthy winds through the Sahara to boot to China's Taklamakan Desolate tract and the Gulf of Oman.Some aerosols, akin to smoke from a fireplace or volcanic ash, are considered to the naked peek. This image was created entirely with mathematics to bring data from the various sensors together and the colors are artificial.

Some of these dust clouds are formed due to weather phenomena. Wind-driven spray from ocean sends microscopic drops of sea salt into the air while sandstorm lifts up particles of mineral dust from the desert to the atmosphere. The world's major cities are marked using a day-night band from the space agency's Joint Polar Satellite System.

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