ROBOCOP Reboot Director Wants The Original ROBOCOP Back

ROBOCOP Reboot Director Wants The Original ROBOCOP Back

ROBOCOP Reboot Director Wants The Original ROBOCOP Back

When the director was asked on Twitter about who he wants to cast as the iconic lead character in his upcoming RoboCop sequel, Blomkamp simply tweeted, "Peter Weller".

Neill Blomkamp, director of MGM's in development Robocop reboot film, has named his pick for who should take the role of Alex Murphy in his film: Peter Weller, the actor to originally hold the role. Blomkamp's answer was brief: Peter Weller. It's hard to say, but the idea can work on many levels. The fact that RoboCop's face is often hidden would make it even easier for Weller to reprise the role, making it significantly easier to hide the use of a stunt double.

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Regarding how its a direct sequel to the 1987 movie, it appears to be ignoring any subsequent sequels, much like the new Halloween movie is doing, and the new Terminator 6 movie is doing something similar as it is a sequel to Terminator 2 and ignoring any of the films released following it.

"It's a continuation of the first movie in my mind", said writer Ed Neumeier, the only member of the original 1987 crew that's definitely confirmed to return for Blomkamp's sequel. There's also no word yet on whether Weller is interested in once again becoming Detroit's Cybernetic Police Officer.

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