Ryanair passengers forced to evacuate plane after mobile phone bursts into flames

Ryanair passengers forced to evacuate plane after mobile phone bursts into flames

Ryanair passengers forced to evacuate plane after mobile phone bursts into flames

According to the Independent, a passenger was charging a mobile phone with an external battery charger when it suddenly caught on fire.

There were no reported injuries, and all passengers were brought back to the terminal at Barcelona's El Prat Airport, while their luggage was placed on another flight and all passengers were then placed on another flight to their destination.

A passenger recorded the fire, which happened as the plane was on the ground, getting ready to head to Ibiza from Barcelona in Spain.

Passengers posted photos on social media-as they complained about being left stranded at a military airport for 12 hours due to a lack of accommodation, the report said.

Passengers rushed off a plane after a portable mobile phone charger burst into flames just before takeoff.

Battery-related fires are not uncommon on aeroplanes, with the Federal Aviation Administration, the USA government agency that deals with air travel within the United States, claiming that "air/airport incidents involving lithium batteries carried as cargo or baggage" occur roughly once every six weeks.

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Passengers were transferred to another plane.

The device is thought to have been in a suitcase in the hold above the passenger's seat.

For its part, Ryanair shared in a statement that "All passengers were safely evacuated back to the terminal and cabin crew dealt with the mobile phone".

"Fortunately I was in the first row and I opened the emergency door before the pilot activated the chute".

He said the evacuation had been more like a "stampede" because of the cabin crew rushing to get passengers off the plane as soon as possible. "Ryanair worked to arrange a spare aircraft to re-accommodate these passengers with the minimum delay".

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