Solar eclipse will be visible in southern China on Saturday

Solar eclipses occur when the Moon moves between the Earth and the Sun blocking light from the Sun

Solar eclipses occur when the Moon moves between the Earth and the Sun blocking light from the Sun

Placing your bets on the path traced by Nasa's Goddard Space Flight Centre, Surya Grahan or solar eclipse will be witnessed over northern Canada, north-eastern US, Greenland, Scandinavia, most of Siberia, and some parts of central Asia. If the weather is good in the morning, when the eclipse starts (around 4:02 a.m. E.T.), then it may become the most viewed solar eclipse of the year. Many people belive that this hour of Solar eclipse should be utilized to medidate.

The next partial solar eclipse is scheduled to occur on January 6, 2019, in the north Pacific and northeastern Asia.

Eclipses happen approximately every 173 days during what is called an eclipse season.

Because of the moon's orbit, either two weeks before or after a total lunar eclipse, the moon reaches the opposite side of its orbit and crosses the ecliptic again - this time, at new-moon phase - resulting in an eclipse of the sun. The Aug. 11 eclipse marks the end of this eclipse season after two previous eclipses during the month of July. It will also be a supermoon.

While there is no scientific backing of the so-called ill-effects that can be caused by solar eclipse or "surya grahan", many religious and astrological beliefs regarding the same have long dictated the Indian mindset. It is also advised to take a bath before the eclipse begins too. As the three bodies are found in a straight line, residents from some parts of the Earth will find part of the Sun blocked by the Moon's shadow. However, for those who can see it, during a total solar eclipse the moon will cover the sun, blocking out the visible light.

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The eclipse would last for a duration of 1 hour 13 minutes. People in these regions will be able to witness 65% of partial solar eclipse.

Of course, if you happen to be in the zone of visibility for this eclipse, NEVER look directly at the sun (unless you are using approved filters or eclipse glasses). The world, today, will witness one of the breathtaking visuals of a partial solar eclipse. In case of a total lunar eclipse, Earth comes between the Sun and Moon's path, and blocks sunlight from reaching the satellite.

Being in the same eclipse season, both solar eclipses occur at the same node (the ascending one) of the moon's orbit.

The partial eclipse will be a small eclipse as the moon will cover only the edge of the sun, with much of the star still visible. The eclipse will not be visible to those in this time zone, but if you live in the US and want to see the solar eclipse, the closest area you can view it is northern Canada.

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