Sonos Announces New Speaker Amp With AirPlay 2 Support

Sonos Announces New Speaker Amp With AirPlay 2 Support

Sonos Announces New Speaker Amp With AirPlay 2 Support

The Sonos Amp is around twice as powerful as the Connect:Amp that it will replace, meaning it will be capable of driving bigger and better speakers without a degradation in audio quality.

The new Sonos Amp follows in the footsteps of the now quite long-in-the-tooth Connect:Amp, which allows you to add Sonos functionality to existing hi-fi and AV systems.

The Connect amp wasn't optimized for TV, so Sonos has rectified this by taking the HDMI Arc module out of the Sonos Beam and put it into this new amp. With the ability to power up to four speakers with 125 watts per channel, it's more than powerful enough to handle most audio set-ups.

There's also line-in support, happy with either a line-level analog RCA connection or, via an adapter, an optical digital connection.

The new developer API will be first to hit, with saying it'll open up from September 6.

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You can use all the usual Sonos streaming sources, including the recently introduced AirPlay 2 support.

Finally, a partnership with Sonance was announced that - besides being a great fit in terms of similarity of company names - will see some new products for in-wall, in-ceiling and outdoor speakers come to market in early 2019. Installers will be able to set it up for either stereo or dual mono sound, for instance, or take the speaker connectors off and use their own banana plugs.

It works with the Sonos app on a phone or tablet or can be controlled by numerous external devices, including voice control through an Amazon Echo or other Alexa-enabled device.

The Sonos Amp will launch for professional installers in North America on December 1, 2018, priced at $599.

Meanwhile, Sonos has also announced an expansion of its developer program, unveiling upcoming Control APIs that the company says will make it easier to integrate Sonos into the smart home (via The Verge). As of February 2019, it'll roll out globally.

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