Stargazers set to see rare green comet

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At its closest point, the comet will be about 70 million miles from Earth.

The ball of ice, known as the "Incredible Hulk" because of its startling green colour and large size - has entered Earth's inner solar system for the first time.

Lucky stargazers who look up Tuesday or Wednesday nights will have the best chance to glimpse the celestial object, dubbed the "Incredible Hulk" for its color and considerable size, notes Sputnik News.

The green shade of the comet is attributed to cyanide and carbon molecules, which are ionized when heated by the Sun, resulting in their electrons and protons being separated.

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The comet was only discovered in September 2017. It broke up in late July as it approached the sun.

His observations so far have shown two bright indeterminate causes of explosions on the comet (one on June 30 and the second after two weeks), which suddenly made it much brighter. Also, thunderstorms and clouds in various parts of the country may impede vision of the comet.

However, experts don't rule out another eruption in the coming days, which could make the comet brighter in the night sky. Though the comet isn't now visible due to its close proximity to the Sun, which is essentially washing out the glow, it may be visible to people in certain parts of the world later this month as it moves farther away.

Now, you might think that the passing of PanSTARRS is just a nice cosmic display.

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