Steve Jobs’ daughter rips dad in new memoir - but forgives him anyway

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

"He was instilling a value system; teaching me honesty.", she explains.

When Ms. Brennan-Jobs tries to leave, her father stops her: "Hey Lis, ' he said".

Lisa Brennan-Jobs, the firstborn daughter of Steve Jobs, has added her name to the list of people who weren't fans of Jobs' hand-picked biographer Walter Isaacson. Their relationship grew over time, and now Lisa is telling her side of the story in a memoir called Small Fry.

But, speaking to NY Times, Lisa wants the reader to know she forgives him.

"I wasn't aware of it". "Sometimes it's nice of someone to tell you what you smell like".

It's a unusual thing to write a devastating memoir with damning details but demand that these things are not, in fact, damning at all. Brennan-Jobs describes, as a teenager, attending a therapy session with her father and stepmother Laurene Powell Jobs.

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In the memoir, Brennan-Jobs alleges that Powell Jobs told the therapist: "We're just cold people".

At one point she had overheard her mother say that Jobs bought a new Porsche every time he scratched one, and later asked him if she could have one "when you're done".

Another time, Jobs seems to have behaved inappropriately in front of his daughter with Powell Jobs. A prominent philanthropist, she founded and leads the Emerson Collective, an organization focused on "education, immigration reform, the environment, health, and other social justice initiatives". Jobs' daughter Lisa is the latest of these - saying that she didn't trust the biographer, although she admits she never read his book. Powell Jobs has an inherited fortune of $21 billion, according to the New York Times.

In a statement to the NY Times, Steve's wife, Powell Jobs, her children and Jobs's sister, Mona Simpson, said: "Lisa is part of our family, so it was with sadness that we read her book, which differs dramatically from our memories of those times". There have been a dozen other biographies and films, so Apple obsessives already know about the basic parts of Brennan-Jobs's early life: Steve Jobs had her at 23, then denied paternity despite a DNA match and gave little in either emotional or financial support, even after he became the most famous figure in the early computing era. 'Stay here. We're having a family moment.

Steve Jobs lost his battle with cancer in 2011.

"I was afraid of him and, at the same time, I felt a quaking, electric love", she writes, in her memoir.

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