You Can Now Run Windows 95 As A Windows Or Mac App



While you can run and use most programs and tools of the Windows 95 distribution, you will notice that some cannot be launched or don't work properly.

A developer has labored long and hard to bring back Windows 95 as an app.

Microsoft was previously reported to be testing a wish list feature on the Store which would let users save apps, games, hardware, and media found in the online marketplace for later use.

In case you are wondering, the Windows 95 app has been built with Electron, a GitHub project which allows developers to create app with popular programming languages.

Still, it's fun to play around with Windows 95 as an app. Paint a picture. The only downside is that Internet Explorer doesn't appear to load any web pages, although that's perhaps to be expected given the fact the whole operating system is running inside an Electron wrapper.

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This application with the revolutionary versions of Windows, of course, the tech giant Microsoft's Windows 95 is just over 100 MB and is authored by Felix Rieseberg, known for working on a team that developed Slack. Virtually every site would be hopelessly broken in a 23-year-old operating system browser.

Challenge: For the full nostalgic experience, can you try your best to get the infamous Blue Screen of Death? That probably wouldn't do you much good anyway.

There are a few things missing from this software-as-an-app release, including the classic Space Cadet Pinball, but most of the rest is intact.

Running Microsoft's ancient Windows 95 operating system on newer versions of Windows or on Mac or Linux devices may not be something that is very practical but it certainly appeals to users who grew up with Windows 95 and those who are curious about the operating system.

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