A Doom II Secret From 1995 Has Been Unlocked

Video game secrets are the best. They just don't usually stay hidden for this long.

The news comes way of series co-creator John Romero, who tweeted out on Friday that a YouTuber by the name of Zero Master had unearthed a secret that had been hiding for nearly a quarter of a century. The secret is out now, and Romero is thrilled.

Hell on Earth is about to turn 24 years old, which makes it about great-grandparent age in videogame years. But as Romero explained on Twitter, you are making now not enter this secret sector within the occasion you contact it by standard ability, "so that you just may perhaps never obtain interior the teleporter sector to living off the key".

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To be clear, the location itself isn't the secret here.

Doom II was released all the way back in 1995 and there has been a secret that nobody has found. until now. Looking at the description on the YouTube clip, it seems that even Zero Master wasn't clear on how the unlock happened. The flawless formula to living off this secret is to be pushed by an enemy into it!

Then, later: "This trick has something to do with the moving door and the pain elemental spawning a lost soul on top of you". Video games are seldom able to hold onto these secrets, what with data-miners running amok and entire reddit threads being dedicated to the conspiracy of there being some hidden content out there. In other words, there are plenty of games over the years that have come and gone that don't possess the same community, and somewhere in these games are secrets that may never be discovered, ever. This secret has technically been acknowledged for some time, but Zero Master became as soon as the indispensable to manufacture it with out the utilization of any cheats.

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