Amazon launches Storefronts for U.S. businesses

Amazon launches Storefronts for U.S. businesses

Amazon launches Storefronts for U.S. businesses

Amazon wants you to shop small.

The e-commerce giant has opened a new section on its website called "Amazon Storefronts" that showcases products from more than 20,000 US small and medium-sized businesses that sell on its platform.

The company says smaller companies can get lost among its millions of goods and it wants a way for shoppers to find them more easily.

The new platform is called Storefronts and contains a collection of over one million products from almost 20,000 businesses. Similar stores will be launched on Amazon's sites in Germany and the United Kingdom. These small sellers have become more important to Amazon, since its third-party sales - those that aren't made directly by Amazon - now account for more than half of Amazon's online sales.

Glance Elon Musk's boring machine being operated by an Xbox controller
Most recently the company pitched a "loop" system that would connect Los Angeles suburbs to the Dodgers stadium in four minutes . The clip above shows the equipment being used in Hawthorne, where Musk's crews are now digging down into the ground.

Amazon today unveiled Storefronts, a section of its website dedicated to small and medium-sized business.

The Little Flower Soap Co. also stars in Amazon's first national TV commercial.

The commercial shows how Amazon helps businesses get their products to customers all over the world. It's unclear whether the company will allow businesses it partners with to apply to be featured on Amazon Storefronts, or whether Amazon will make the selections independently. Kicking off the site's launch is The Little Flower Soap Co., which sells handmade soap from MI. "We were making soap as fast as we could", she says.

Storefronts includes curated collections from small businesses, a weekly highlight displaying the Storefront of the week, and regular features on the owners behind participating businesses. According to the report, small and medium-sized businesses selling on Amazon are estimated to be creating more than 900,000 jobs worldwide.

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