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"I believe I was drugged using Quaaludes (a sedative) or something similar placed in what I was drinking", she said.

Judge Kavanaugh has yet to respond formally to this specific allegation. "I think that is a very, very unsafe standard for our country".

In testimony prepared for the hearing on Friday, he said that while "those who make allegations deserve to be heard", he has never sexually assaulted anyone and will not be withdrawing his nomination.

Speaking to reporters at the United Nations Wednesday, Trump says Senate Republicans "could not be nicer" in their treatment of the woman who claims Judge Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her in high school.

Avenatti also represents Stephanie Clifford, the adult film star known as Stormy Daniels who says she had an affair with Trump before he was elected president.

He said he viewed such accusations "differently" because he had "had a lot of false charges made against me". People want fame, they want money, they want whatever.

"I think the Democrats in the Senate have had one goal since the beginning of this process and that is to sink Judge Kavanaugh's nomination, and we are finding that they will go to any lengths to do that", Thune said.

"It's a big, fat con job", he said.

"The Democrats are playing a con game".

While Trump has wondered if he was well-advised to choose Kavanaugh, he now believes that Republicans must fight back harder, mindful of the message it would send to his supporters if the GOP-controlled Senate can not help him get another conservative jurist on the high court.

A third woman, Julie Swetnick, accused Kavanaugh on Wednesday of sexual misconduct.

Wyoming disappoints by grizzly bear protections
A judge has reinstated federal protections for grizzly bears in two states - just in time to save them from a planned bear hunt. Grizzlies, which are slow to reproduce, number fewer than 2,000 bears across the Lower 48.

But a large majority of Americans believe that if Kavanaugh did indeed attack Ford, he should not be confirmed to the Supreme Court.

"[Democrats] are actually con artists, because they know how quality this man is and they've destroyed a man's reputation, and they want to destroy it even more".

She says she was the victim of a gang rape in 1982 at a party attended by the judge.

Ramirez's lawyer, John Clune, said in television interviews on NBC and CBS on Wednesday that she has not been invited to speak to senators.

The woman also made other accusations in her statement.

Mr Kavanaugh was said to have been involved in co-operative efforts with other males to spike drinks in a bid to have girls "lose their inhibitions and their ability to say no", causing them to become "inebriated and disorientated so they could then be gang raped in a side room or bedroom". Sometimes I had too many.

"These boys included Mark Judge and Brett Kavanaugh", she said.

Kavanaugh has denied all the allegations.

The professor insisted that she is not motivated by political opposition to Kavanaugh, but instead by a desire to better inform lawmakers about a man who could serve a life term on the country's highest court.

Koegler said that he and Ford had discussed the incident in 2016, but Kavanaugh was not mentioned by name until June of this year.

She alleges that in 1982, whilst they were both in high school Kavanaugh pushed her down, placed his hand over her mouth and attempted to remove her clothing.

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