Cannabis Component May Offer Treatment For Psychosis

CBD oil What is it what are the benefits and will you fail a drug test if you take

CBD oil What is it what are the benefits and will you fail a drug test if you take

The substance in question is cannabidiol (CBD), and one dose may be all it takes to alleviate certain brain abnormalities, including delusions and hallucinations.

Talking about the study and the experiments, Bhattacharyya informed, "The mainstay of current treatment for people with psychosis are drugs that were first discovered in the 1950s and unfortunately do not work for everyone".

Details of the study appeared in JAMA Psychiatry, in an article titled, "Effect of Cannabidiol on Medial Temporal, Midbrain, and Striatal Dysfunction in People at Clinical High Risk of Psychosis: A Randomized Clinical Trial".

Of those, 33 were experiencing "distressing psychotic systems" but hadn't yet received a diagnosis of psychosis from a doctor.

Of these, 16 participants took a single oral dose of 600 milligrams of cannabidiol, while 17 participants took a placebo.

Therefore the new researches were intended upon laying some emphasis on the functions and other aspects of potential cannabidiols that could be used for the treatment of Psychosis.

Psychosis can now be identified by looking at activity in certain parts of the brain via MRI.

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Cannabidiol's role as an antipsychotic treatment has received another credibility boost after results of a recent study.

But in people who had cannabidiol, the abnormal brain activity was less severe than for those who received a placebo, suggesting cannabidiol can help re-adjust brain activity to normal levels. Researchers discovered that CBD was actually countering the abnormal brain activity caused by THC, and the fact that individual cannabinoids may have opposite effects on the brain may explain the confusion over whether or not cannabis use is a risk or a benefit to those suffering from mental illness. After three hours, each underwent an MRI while performing a verbal paired associate (VPA) task involving word association, memory tests.

The influence of cannabidiol on these three brain regions could underlie its therapeutic effects on psychotic symptoms. In addition, a 4-week trial shown that its effects are as same as traditional antipsychotics. The trial is supported by a £1.85 million grant from an NIHR and MRC partnership.

"There is an urgent need for a safe treatment for young people at risk of psychosis", Bhattacharyya said to The Independent.

Bhattacharyya added, "One of the main advantages of cannabidiol is that it is safe and seems to be very well tolerated, making it, in some ways, an ideal treatment".

Previous trials had suggested that cannabidiol had anti-psychotic properties but how it might work was not understood.

This article has been republished from materials provided by King's College London.

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