FEMA Administrator defends Trump on Puerto Rico death toll study

FEMA Administrator defends Trump on Puerto Rico death toll study

FEMA Administrator defends Trump on Puerto Rico death toll study

Progressive Democratic congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said Sunday that numerous victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico blame government failure for the deaths of almost 3,000 people on the island in the aftermath of the storm.

Trump has insisted that 2,975 is an impossible figure, claiming in a tweet earlier this week that there had been "anywhere from 6 to 18 deaths" following the storm.

"Puerto Rico is a very vulnerable place right now". Puerto Rico suffered a similar death toll to that of the most devastating terrorist attack to ever occur on American soil, and yet Trump is still denying it and talking about himself.

Fortunately, many politicians, including Republicans, have denounced Trump's statements.

"If a person died for any reason, like old age, just add them onto the list".

But Sunday's story used weasel words, such as "died as a result of" and "nearly 3,000 excess deaths on the island in the months after the storm".

The Post then pointed out "The George Washington researchers did not attribute any specific individual's death to Maria", and later that "If researchers had attributed every death on the island to the storm, the six-month death toll from the hurricane would have been more than five times as high". It was initially said to have killed just 64 people. According to CNN, the new death toll is 2,975-46 times the previous count. He rejected the findings of a Harvard study that estimated more than 4,000 died, saying he found the GWU research with its lower number to be scientifically sound.

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That suggests the devastation in Puerto Rico has already become distinctly politicized ― and that even reporting Trump's lack of evidence for his claim did little to dissuade his supporters from believing it.

Long is spearheading recovery efforts from Hurricane Florence as it continues to batter the Carolinas. "It is not", she said on her official Twitter account. Cruz had earlier described the federal disaster response in the United States territory a "despicable act of neglect".

Long's comments come days after reports emerged that he was under investigation by a federal watchdog for misusing government vehicles for personal use.

In Florida, which was badly hit by Hurricane Irma a year ago and which received thousands of Puerto Ricans fleeing the devastation of their homes, Republican gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis - who has built his campaign around his adherence to Trump's politics - tried to distance himself from the president's words.

Rollins agreed and said, "DeSantis would not be on the ticket if it wasn't for the President's endorsement".

Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello also has criticized Trump for not providing additional federal funds still needed for emergency housing and debris removal.

Maria destroyed Puerto Rico's electricity grid, leaving the island largely without power for weeks and crippling its health care system.

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