Khalil Mack reportedly dealt to the Bears

Raiders vs. Seahawks Five things to watch including the final round of the backup QB competition

Raiders vs. Seahawks Five things to watch including the final round of the backup QB competition

Offensively, Oakland downgraded one starting wideout spot by losing 30-year-old Michael Crabtree and signing 33-year-old Jordy Nelson.

It's not a surprise the 49ers tried snagging the All-Pro defensive end. These rankings show that Chicago was pretty solid without Mack.

80% of them made a pro bowl at least once over the next four years.

The going rate for star players in the National Football League was high back in 2009, but the numbers on Albert Haynesworth's contract aren't as ridiculous now as they were back then. The thing is age doesn't affect great pass rushers as much as some people might think. Or when it sends a certain message that the Raiders are unwilling or even unable to pay premium prices for their premium homegrown talent. Why, after weeks of turning down overtures from teams, did they finally in recent days turn course and make the blockbuster deal with the Bears? But we'll go with those for now.

Pittsburgh could have packaged two first-round picks and linebacker Bud Dupree for Mack and matched something similar to what is being reported about the trade.

That is dependent on, of course, where the picks are.

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When Gruden was hired away from his cozy gig as ESPN's "Monday Night Football" analyst in January to return to an NFL sideline for the first time in almost a decade, there were positive vibes surrounding a team only a year removed from a postseason appearance. Again, that's to be compared to the 80% figure for veteran stars like Mack.

Part of the Mack trade will now include paying the All-Pro pass rusher, which is now Chicago's next task. But the Jets had the ammunition and the cap room to do it if they wanted. Well, it has to be spent somewhere.

This is a critical move for the Denver Broncos, make no mistake about it. Mitch Trubisky is in the midst of his rookie contract. Those players range in age from 28 to 33 and with a variety of production. Keeping him around for the long haul seemed like a no-brainer until it wasn't. And you probably don't have a large amount of options.

There's nothing wrong with wanting to bring in players that fit your culture, but there are times when you have to be willing to flex your culture to fit certain players. Now, Gruden better hit on those draft picks.

At 8:15 AM ET/7:15 AM CT, Rapoport hinted that the Bears were an "undercover team" in the Mack sweepstakes.

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