Public Knowledge Welcomes California Open Internet Bill to Restore Net Neutrality Protections

According to the GEM report a massive 7,200MW of new solar and wind has been committed to construction since October 2016

According to the GEM report a massive 7,200MW of new solar and wind has been committed to construction since October 2016

Jerry Brown after winning approval Thursday in the state Senate.

Proponents of California's proposed regulations contend that net neutrality rules would bar major internet providers from blocking, slowing down or giving preferential access to online content.

The Post notes that the bill's goal is to make California the leader of the increasing backlash from states toward the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). On Friday, the state Senate tallied enough votes to pass the legislation. The measure was approved by their colleagues in the state Assembly one day earlier. A lawsuit targeting the bill could eventually find its way to the Supreme Court, Tobias added. "We passed the strongest net neutrality standards in the nation".

California is taking net neutrality regulations into its own hands.

More than 20 states are suing the FCC to overturn the agency's decision on net neutrality. Almost three dozen other states are working on their own laws, and supporters hope California's bill will inspire even more states to follow suit.

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The bill's author, Sen. Scott Wiener, a San Francisco Democrat who sponsored a bill to drive gun shows from the state-owned Cow Palace. Industry groups are urging Governor Brown to veto the bill. Giant telcos like AT&T and Comcast spent enormous amounts of money lobbying to kill SB 822.

"The internet must be governed by a single, uniform and consistent national policy framework, not state-by-state piecemeal approaches".

The legislation will now proceed to the governor's desk for a signature in the coming weeks. It also stops internet service providers and wireless operators from blocking or throttling content that they don't agree with.

Critics say the restrictions limit internet providers' ability to recoup the costs of network improvements and lead them to curb investment. Consumer groups, however, argued that the rules were vital to protect users at a time when internet providers are focused on buying up media companies and establishing Facebook-like businesses that mine user data for advertising purposes. The rules prevented internet companies from exercising more control over what people watch and see on the internet. "We support an open internet, but this bill move us no closer to that". In June, the measure appeared to hit a sudden snag when a key Assembly committee voted to strip out its toughest language - provisions that were restored two weeks later amid pressure from activists.

"SB 822 brings back net neutrality to California and restores the important protections that the FCC voted to eliminate last December". ArsTechnica reports that the group has in fact "consistently fought against both federal and state-level net neutrality rules".

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