Receding floodwaters leave behind smelly mess on highway

North Carolina resident may face charges for sheltering 27 pets as Florence wreaked havoc

North Carolina resident may face charges for sheltering 27 pets as Florence wreaked havoc

Authorities say Tammie Hedges lacked proper permits when she used a space she was in the process of turning into an animal shelter to keep 27 pets out of the relentless storm, which killed over a dozen people and an unknown number of animal companions.

State officials have created a detailed map with flooding forecasts that has allowed an unprecedented amount of preparation.

According to Wayne County spokesman Joel Gillie who spoke with The Post, the county had room for taking in displaced animals.

Thousands of people in the Georgetown, South Carolina, area were urged to evacuate their homes on Tuesday as rainwater unleashed by Hurricane Florence surged down rivers, threatening to submerge some neighborhoods under 10 feet of water. Put it in the Lord's hands.

Thousands of fish washed up on a North Carolina highway as residents in the Carolinas were warned to be wary of flooding in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence.

North Carolina's governor says all of Interstate 40 has been reopened to traffic after floodwaters from Florence closed it.

While the rain has subsided, some rivers are still rising, and North and SC officials warn the flooding danger is far from over. Routes were opening Sunday but they could be closed again as the Cape Fear River rises to record levels.

Much of the region remained under heavy flooding, including one area 64km north-northwest of Wilmington where waters were still 1.5 metres above flood status, according to the National Weather Service.

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"I-95 is a major artery for North Carolina and the entire East Coast that's essential for commerce", Cooper said. "The roads may be unsafe, underwater or in some areas missing". "We were not open as a shelter, although we are remodeling to become approved by the state as a shelter location", Hedges said.

Firefighters from the town of Penderlea, in the southeastern part of the state, have been hosing off fish carcasses from Interstate 40 and onto the side of the road to prevent vehicles from skidding while running over them. They got to save themselves.

The proposal would be part of broader disaster funding legislation the General Assembly will consider in an anticipated special session.

At least 43 people, including several young children, have died from Florence, which brought unprecedented rainfall and flooding to North and SC when it hit September 14.

In Washington, meanwhile, Congress is starting to consider nearly $1.7 billion in new money to aid recovery efforts from Florence.

The chairman of the House Appropriations Committee said the money would be available as grants to states to help rebuild housing and public works, and assist businesses as they recover from the storm.

Fallen trees and debris are not the only things Hurricane Florence left behind. The top disaster, Hurricane Katrina in 2005, cost $192.2 billion in today's dollars, while last year's Hurricane Harvey cost $133.5 billion.

Greg Lovell has called his Hampstead, North Carolina, neighborhood home for 15 years, but only while battling floodwaters after Hurricane Florence has he met other members of his community facing the same struggles.

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