Roy Moore sues Sacha Baron Cohen for $95m

Roy Moore sues Sacha Baron Cohen for $95m

Roy Moore sues Sacha Baron Cohen for $95m

Moore is suing Showtime, CBS, and Cohen for fraud, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and defamation. Moore was duped into appearing on a "Who is America?" segment where Cohen demonstrated a supposed pedophile detecting device that beeped when it came near Moore.

The 71-year-old was accused by nine women of sexual misconduct during his unsuccessful bid to win one of Alabama's two Senate seats last November. He has denied the allegations.

"As a direct and proximate result of Defendant Cohen's and his agents' including Defendants Showtime's and CBS's false and fraudulent representations, Judge Moore, Mrs. Moore, and his entire family have suffered extreme emotional distress as a result of Judge Moore being falsely portrayed as a sex offender and pedophile in this district, on national television and worldwide".

Mr Klayman said Mr Moore thought he was receiving an award for supporting Israel when he agreed to appear on the show.

The show begins as Cohen, in full transformative makeup, discusses the importance of technology in the military.

Representatives for Baron Cohen have not responded to the lawsuit, filed in a federal court in Washington.

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Who Is America saw Cohen pranking USA celebrities and politicians, including OJ Simpson, Moore and an Alabama politician Cohen convinced to strip and shout racial slurs.

The wand device remained silent as Cohen passed it over himself, but it beeped after he passed it over Moore several times.

They allege that "Defendant Cohen, while in character, falsely and fraudulently induces unsuspecting victims, like unsuspecting Judge Moore to be interviewed under dishonest, unethical, illegal and false pretenses, for his works".

Mr Moore was not the first public figure duped into a fake interview in a Baron Cohen show.

Of course, by the time it was revealed that this interview took place, Moore's reputation was already off the rails, so it's unclear exactly why his attorneys would demand such an outrageous amount in damages.

Baron Cohen has faced past lawsuits over similar pranks, but those actions faltered because the individuals had signed releases. The suit alleges that the release was obtained on fraudulent grounds.

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