Russian Federation to supply S-300 missile defence systems to Syria

Israel's minister for military affairs Avigdor Lieberman and Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu meet in May 2018

Israel's minister for military affairs Avigdor Lieberman and Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu meet in May 2018

"The S-300 systems Russian Federation plans to supply to Syria will feature a compromise solution", said Sokov.

Russian Federation last month hinted it would supply the weapons to President Bashar al-Assad, over Israeli objections, after Western military strikes on Syria.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has warned Russian President Vladimir Putin against delivering an advanced air-defense system to Syria, saying it will further destabilize the war-torn region.

Israeli analysts said the transfer of Russia's powerful S-300 ground-to-air missile systems to Syria would add an extra layer of risk and complexity to such operations. Israel said Syria was responsible.

The incident was the deadliest case of friendly fire between Syria and its key backer Russian Federation since Moscow's game-changing 2015 military intervention.

It posed a threat to the two countries' relationship, which Moscow has maintained since it intervened militarily in the country three years ago.

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After convening his security cabinet, the Israeli prime minister told reporters on Tuesday that the IDF will continue to attack what it claims are Iranian-linked military targets in Syria - even though Syria will now be equipped with more advanced air defense systems.

Russian Federation launched its campaign in Syria to support President Al Assad in 2015, and though the involvement turned the tide of war in favour of Syrian government forces, Moscow has since tried to play a careful balancing act, maintaining good ties both with Iran and Israel. These strikes have killed more than 100 Iranian fighters in Syria in the last month alone, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reports. For its part, Israel is wary of Iran's growing influence in Syria.

Israel's Channel 10, meanwhile, quoted an unnamed Israeli official as saying that the situation with Russian Federation constituted a "serious crisis". Russian Federation held Israel responsible for the attack and said that its relations with the Jewish state were "damaged".

"There will be condemnation from "the West", but behind the scenes, the line between the Russians and Israelis will remain intact due to agreements they are both abiding by", Abboud told Al Jazeera from Pennsylvania in the US. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the strikes had removed any moral obligation Russian Federation had to withhold the missiles and Russia's Kommersant daily cited unnamed military sources as saying deliveries might begin imminently. Although Russia, Iran and the Syrian regime have been functioning as allies in the Syrian war, they each have their own, partly differing, interests. But if Syria somehow leaked the signal, the United States or North Atlantic Treaty Organisation could trick all Russian air defenses into their fighters were friendly Russian jets, leaving Russia open to attack, according to Sokov.

Ermakov's comments came a day after US National Security Adviser John Bolton had said that the deployment of the S-300s in Syria would mark a "significant escalation" by Moscow. And while the new missiles would complicate military actions in Syria's crowded airspace and might present an additional challenge, several analysts said that they would not be a game changer.

Moscow had said that Israel would suffer "catastrophic consequences" if they targeted the equipment. This will make it possible to better distinguish between enemy planes and friendly aircraft - for example, Russian planes - and to "lock" hostile targets automatically, without need for a decision by the battery operator, which invites mistakes.

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