‘The Predator’ Director Gets Emotional While Apologizing for Sex Offender Casting

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1920px Olivia Munn 29726372858 05aba

"My name is Paige Carnes, former Jane Doe", the now-24-year-old said. The Washington Post generally does not identify victims of sexual crimes, but Carnes said, in a statement provided to the L.A. Times, that she is speaking out to "reclaim" her identity.

I have no shame for what was done to me. I am not the one who needs to carry that shame, ' she wrote.

The "Jane Doe" victim of The Predator sex offender actor has officially spoken out, saying that she has "no shame for what was done" to her.

A Fox spokesman told The Washington Post last week that the studio had not been aware of Striegel's background when he was hired. When Munn found out the truth about Striegel's conviction, she protested and got the scene cut from the final film.

Initially, Black defended his decision to cast Striegel. I was the only one that did give a statement. She spoke up for me.

'At first I thought maybe it was just because they don't know what to say, they wanted to say it out of the way, but privately I did feel iced out'. "It's a very lonely feeling to be sitting here by myself when I should be sitting here with the rest of the cast". "I apologize to all of those, past and present, I've let down by having Steve around them without giving them a voice in the decision".

Black went on to say, "I did cause pain to people in the cast". According to The Hollywood Reporter, most of Munn's co-stars chose to withdraw from scheduled interviews, likely because of the controversy surrounding the deleted scene.

"I have reached out to Olivia", he told Entertainment Tonight.

'I got chastised the next day by people at the studio for telling them, and why am I not just keeping it quiet?

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"For her to have that courage and give such an eloquent statement, and with so much strength and power, that won't just cause ripples, it will be waves that will last for so long", she said.

Munn credited support from outside her Predator family for the change.

Sterling K. Brown, who was not at the Toronto Film Festival, addressed her via Twitter on Sunday. "I'm very sorry to anybody".

For "The Predator", Striegel had a three-page scene alongside Olivia Munn, playing a jogger who hits on her repeatedly.

Munn shared Carnes' statement on social media, using Instagram to send her own reply. She spoke up for me.

The director expressed his remorse over the decision to cast Striegel, and took full responsibility for the fallout. "In turn she stood for all who have suffered like I have", Carnes says.

"The public, social media, fans, strangers on the street, all of the news outlets have been extremely supportive and that's such a gift because it's not an easy situation to be in". The girl, who was age 14 at the time of the incident and known only as "Jane Doe", contacted the Los Angeles Times to reclaim her identity.

"Without a doubt, by stepping forward today with such eloquence, you have inspired so many other survivors", Munn added. The story has been updated to remove the references to assault. He pleaded guilty to risk of injury to a child and enticing a minor by computer, not assault.

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