Twitter will soon let you easily switch to a chronological timeline

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Twitter app

However, Twitter may be planning to add a new capability to more easily switch between the chronological and algorithmic order soon.

Social media platform, Twitter today announced that it would be giving more control to its 336 million users by converting their timeline into a pure reverse chronological feed.

Since 2016, the platform had highlighted relevant tweets to users on its timeline, though they weren't necessarily the latest tweets.

2/ We've learned that when showing the best Tweets first, people find Twitter more relevant and useful. So, we're working on providing you with an easily accessible way to switch between a timeline of Tweets that are most relevant for you and a timeline of the latest Tweets.

To do it on the Twitter website, you have to go to Settings and Privacy, scroll down to the Content section, and untick the box that says "Timeline - Show the best Tweets first". But consumers now have many options for keeping up with friends, celebrities and the news, from an ever-expansive Facebook to hot alternatives such as Instagram and Snapchat.

The method of muting specific terms in order to return a Twitter feed to chronological order was posted by user EmmaKinema, who shared her method for keeping suggested and recycled tweets out of her feed. The company plans to replace the option with an easier-to-access switch that swaps between algorithmic and chronological feeds.

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Then, because tweets from certain followers didn't get prominent placing, you were less likely to interact with their tweets-and even more unlikely to see their tweets moving forward.

In the meantime, Twitter has updated the "Show the best Tweets first" setting.

Twitter insists, however, that it has been working on these changes for some time, and that Kinema's tweet was not directly responsible for them.

What do you think of this change?

In other words, these services will show you things that make you very happy or very angry in order to keep you on the site longer, at the expense of your well-being and that of your fellow users.

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