UK's May seeks more compromise from European Union ahead of meeting

Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab has urged the EU to make compromises

Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab has urged the EU to make compromises

Just 24 hours earlier Jaguar Land Rover - which had last week warned about the scale of the costs a no deal would bring - said it was to move production workers at its Castle Bromwich plant to a three-day week from October.

A no-deal Brexit is "not an option" for the United Kingdom motor industry and must be ruled out now to avoid damaging one of the EU's most valuable economic assets.

The Salzburg meeting is seen by both sides as a crucial staging-post on the route to a withdrawal agreement.

Politicians hope to strike a Brexit deal by the end of the year to allow a 21-month transition period until the end of 2020, with little changing until new terms are implemented.

The PM is standing equally firm, insisting in an article in German newspaper Die Welt today that she will not budge over the issue.

What did May tell European Union leaders? We've put the Chequers plan on the table and that does deliver for people.

BMW announced yesterday that it would be closing the Oxford Mini factory for "several weeks" immediately after Brexit to preempt any component-supply disruptions if a no-deal agreement is reached between Britain and the EU.

May rejected a previous plan, saying it would effectively slice Northern Ireland away from mainland Britain.

Reports have suggested the former may be fudged as part of a political declaration on future ties to.

But she said there was no chance, as things stand, they will go anywhere near touching a different customs system for Northern Ireland, which would create more friction on the border.

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But the Democratic Unionist Party, which props up Mrs May's minority administration in Parliament, dismissed Mr Barnier's proposals as unpalatable because they would involve a customs border between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK.

"Neither side can demand the unacceptable of the other, such as an external customs border between different parts of the United Kingdom - which no other country would accept if they were in the same situation - or the UK seeking the rights of European Union membership without the obligations", she wrote.

Reiterating that Britain is committed to a "legally operative protocol on Northern Ireland", the source said May would again underline that such an agreement must respect her country's integrity, "which the Commission's proposal does not".

"We are ready to improve this proposal".

"Work in the European Union is ongoing".

Specifically, he said that he would "clarify" which goods will have to be checked by customs officers as they are transported between mainland Britain and Northern Ireland.

However, before a dinner in the Austrian city of Salzburg, some of those leaders said key elements of the "Chequers" plan that May was aiming to sell to them needed reworking.

'I believe that what we're proposing is the Brexit that delivers the freedoms that people voted for - making our own laws, controlling our own borders, controlling our money. "So I don't think this really takes us anywhere, we're still stuck in a pattern of deadlock on this", Euronews' London correspondent Vincent McAviney told Good Morning Europe.

But EU officials are also minded not to paint May into a corner, aware that she faces increasing opposition to her plans in her Conservative Party and needs a victory of sorts to try to persuade a reluctant parliament to back a deal.

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