United Kingdom and European Union can reach deal by October: Brexit minister

Theresa May

Theresa May

The Brexit Secretary also hinted that on the financial settlement, a no-deal scenario could affect arrangements over payments to the EU.

"... We need to find a solution to control the movement of goods without rebuilding the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland".

The comments came after it was reported that French president Emmanuel Macron has softened his stance towards London and is seeking a close post-Brexit relationship.

French President Emmanuel Macron is reportedly prepared to throw Britain a lifeline in reaching an agreement with the European Union by putting pressure on the bloc's leaders at an European Union summit next month.

The newspaper quoted a diplomatic source saying: "He sees a no-deal scenario as something that would break links and poison relations at a time when Europe needs to be united beyond the European Union".

BIFA said that the white paper addressed some of the issues that it had highlighted over the past two years, including retaining something as close to the Single Market and Customs Union as is possible, with positive ideas on future customs matters and worldwide trading arrangements.

But he warned that any agreement had to respect "the four pillars" of the EU's cherished single market - the free movement of people, goods, services and capital.

Lenovo unveils the latest generation of notebooks with Snapdragon 850
What's particularly impressive about the e-ink panel is it also serves as the touch keyboard when using the colour LCD. After a hard couple of years with declining PC and laptop sales, the market has seen a rebound that has helped Lenovo.

A joint statement by the Ministry of Defense (MOD), UK Space Agency, and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) on Wednesday said Britain's space sector needed more than 118 million US dollars of work to ensure UK security after the country's exit from the European Union (EU).

The informal October deadline set by both sides to achieve completion on the withdrawal agreement has seemingly been discarded with Westminster and Brussels now focusing on finishing up in mid-November.

Positive signals from London and Brussels over the trade component of European Union divorce talks drove sterling higher against the euro on Thursday, though the risk of a no-deal Brexit kept the British currency well off 2018 highs.

After a mobile phone sounded in the committee room, Mr Raab joked: "It's probably someone from Brussels trying to check in on the money".

The Cabinet Office Minister explained that the suggested alternative models did "not meet the level of ambition or the outcome we all want to see delivered".

LONDON-Britain will invest in the possible creation of its own satellite-navigation system, the United Kingdom government announced Wednesday, after being excluded from the EU's Galileo programme because of Brexit.

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