Spotify premium users get better navigation, personalised search and endless Artist Radio

Spotify Premium gets a major update

Spotify Premium gets a major update

Over the past few months though, Spotify has been adding more features to the Premium tier of the service, making a bit hard to argue for opting for the free flavour.

Spotify, the largest competitor to Apple Music, has just released a major update to the platform, specifically for paying subscribers.

Once you click into the search field, you'll get the familiar list of "recent searches", so you can quickly find that artist or track you previously looked up.

Personalized Search: The redesigned search page is now a one-stop destination for artists, albums, podcasts, and more-whether the subscriber knows what they're searching for or wants to explore something new.

Spotify also revamped the app's search page, which now prominently features a user's favorite genres, as well as direct access to radio stations, playlists, podcasts and more.

It should be interesting to see how the addition of more features in recent months will make Spotify Premium a more tempting prospect at R60 a month.

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Also new are revamped Artist Radios. Especially when these "radio stations" are "updated regularly to keep things fresh", as well as available to play while offline.

Way back in August of this year, Spotify rolled out a new UI for its iOS and Android apps that's much simpler and easy to use.

The already popular and versatile mobile app is getting three key improvements, starting with "streamlined navigation".

In a jab which might be directed at Pandora (remember Pandora?), Spotify will add Endless Artist 'radio.

Initial updates to Spotify Premium will begin to roll out to Premium subscribers on both iOS and Android at the same time - welcome to 2018!

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