Aaron Rodgers: Packers need 'signature win' vs. Patriots

Aaron Rodgers: Packers need 'signature win' vs. Patriots

Aaron Rodgers: Packers need 'signature win' vs. Patriots

But even with Brady's praise, Rodgers still isn't ready to call himself the best quarterback of all time.

Bill Belichick and Aaron Rodgers haven't met on the football field almost as often as we'd like, what with the New England Patriots and the Green Bay Packers being in different conferences and Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy teaming up annually destroying their quarterbacks' chance at making it to a third Super Bowl.

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Speaking Wednesday at Gillette Stadium, Bill Belichick was asked his thoughts on the question, but gave an interesting answer considering he's never coached against Brady. "Is a good situational player", he said. "So I'm glad he's our quarterback". He had high praise for Aaron Rodgers as their impending matchup approaches. "He's got every skill you need to be a great quarterback". "We've had a lot of close games this year, and I'm sure this one will come down to the wire". "I think for the fans and for everybody alike if you're going to love football this is the fantastic opportunity to see two great players line up and, as you've already stated they don't compete against each other, but I think these games are always great for football". "Although we didn't win on Sunday, I think we learned a lot about ourselves and hopefully we can take that confidence that we started that game with and played with it for 60 minutes Sunday".

"He can do everything that a quarterback needs to do consistently". He throws a lot of touchdowns. Very accurate throwing the ball. "Obviously, what they've done from an accomplishment standpoint stands for itself, but if you just break down how they play the position, just the ability to be totally involved in every aspect of the offense". He doesn't make them work for the ball. "He's got a great touch down the field, short, intermediate", said Belichick. He's thrown however many long passes to however many different receivers. "He's a great player".

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