Apple is CUTTING the price of its 'budget' iPhone XR in Japan

Iphone XR discounted in Japan

Iphone XR discounted in Japan

As per the report from Wall Street Journal, Apple will be reducing the prices for recently launched iPhone XR in Japan by providing subsidies to Japanese carriers. Most recently, Apple manufacturing partner Foxconn said that it plans to implement sweeping cost-saving measures in order to combat "a very hard and competitive year".

The company started selling its latest generation of phones, the $999 (£999) iPhone XS and $1099 (£1099) XS Max, in September and the XR model in October. The company also cut down additional production lines at Taiwanese assemblers Foxconn and Pegatron for the iPhone XR in view of the reduced demand.

This could be attributed to the low price and popularity of iPhone 8 even after a year of its release.

It isn't uncommon to see Apple offering price reductions through authorised retailers in order to boost sales. The contract stipulates that a minimum number of OLEDs are bought, but with production of the XS and XS Max being slashed, Apple is going back to the iPhone X to use up the remaining screens. Coming to the iPhone X, it looks like Apple has resumed production for the device. This is because the iPhone X's components and manufacturing equipment are cheaper.

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We reported earlier this week that Apple has slowed production plans for all the three models released in recent months, with some drastic chops made on least-expensive XR models. To be blunt, Apple hasn't done a decent job of conveying to the public what the iPhone XR is and what it brings to the table.

The iPhone XR is the best iPhone for the price, delivering most of the advantages of the iPhone XS for hundreds less.

Apple iPhone fans are being urged to hold off buying an iPhone from an Apple Store or a Carrier such as Optus or Telstra as there is every possibility that the U.S. phone Company will slash prices said one carrier insider. The company is cutting down its productions plans due to weaker demand.

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