Aston Martin pays tribute to DBR1 with new DBS 59 special edition

Aston Martin pays tribute to DBR1 with new DBS 59 special edition

Aston Martin pays tribute to DBR1 with new DBS 59 special edition

Aston Martin has released a limited-run special edition of the DBS Superleggera, commisioned through its Q by Aston Martin division. The latest pays homage to an iconic bit of motorsport history; the DBR1 race auto.

The number 59 is in reference to the year 1959. Only 24 will be built, one for each hour of the race.

This special DBS also wears a color scheme derived from the livery of the vintage racing machine, and its production is based on the Le Mans race itself.

To do so Aston Martin Cambridge has commissioned 24 examples of the bespoke "DBS 59".

Each DBS 59 is painted in Aston Martin Racing Green, with gloss finish exposed carbonfibre on the roof and bonnet louvres.

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The interior sports a blend of black and tan leather. These colors are lifted from the seats of the original DBR1.

"The soft metallic hue of the Aston Martin Racing Green paintwork is classy and timelessly attractive; the level of thought and detailing is exceptional", he added. Exterior badges, the wheels, and interior scripts are all colored in that bronze finish which serves as the ideal contrasting color choice against the brilliant green.

Only 24 examples of the DBS 59 will be made, costing about $550,000. If that's not enough to identify the vehicle, each will carry its production number in a small white roundel on the front fender. There are more bronze details inside, as well as DBS 59 logos embroidered into the seat's headrests.

Powering the DBS 59 is Aston's 5.2-litre twin-turbo V12, making 715 horsepower and 664 lb. -ft. of torque, and will keep you in your seat all the way to exactly 339.6 km/h, per Aston.

Also available to purchase is a handful of racing accessories, such as a retro-styled, blue racing suit from 1959, a replica pair of Carroll Shelby's gloves, two pairs of aviator-style goggles, two-piece luggage customized to match the interior trim, and two replica, 1959-style racing helmets finished in Aston Martin Racing Green. It pays homage to an important milestone in the brand's motorsport history while serving it up on a modern high-performance platter.

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