Coli cases in Canada linked to romaine lettuce jumps to 22



32 people in 11 states have become ill and 13 had to be hospitalized. The majority of people who are infected get better in five days to a week or so but the severity of the infection can vary from mild to life-threatening.

Many people who get sick in most outbreaks never seek medical attention so the number of cases is never known, said Howard Njoo, Canada's deputy chief public-health officer.

The agency is investigating whether the Canadian illnesses are connected to lettuce imported from California.

"We know Canadians want reassurances about the safety of the foods they eat and feed their families", This is why the CFIA has increased its sampling and testing of romaine lettuce across Canada in light of the current situation.

He also said it involves obtaining things like grocery store loyalty cards to help confirm what was specifically purchased and when.

The agency is recommending people in those provinces not eat romaine lettuce and throw out any they still have in their fridges.

Dr. Gottlieb also says officials are working to supply the market with lettuce that will soon be harvested from different regions.

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The Food and Drug Administration announced Friday that it has found the source of the E.coil-tainted romaine lettuce that led to a national recall and the goal now is to withdraw the product.

Canadian companies can make their own assessment about whether to continue to sell romaine, Dimitri said Friday.

The three most recent illnesses happened between late October and November 1, the same time frame as the previous cases.

Epidemiological evidence from both the United States and Canada indicates that romaine lettuce is a likely source of all 54 Illnesses in the worldwide outbreak.

Although many people have reported eating romaine lettuce and the CFIA believes the problems are related to the lettuce, none of the lettuce they have tested so far has shown signs of E. coli.

Four cases of this particular strain of E. coli:0157 were in Ontario, 17 in Quebec, and one in New Brunswick.

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