Jaguar F-Type Convertible is an unlikely rally vehicle

Jaguar F-Type Convertible is an unlikely rally vehicle

Jaguar F-Type Convertible is an unlikely rally vehicle

Jaguar Special Vehicle Operations has built two special rally cars out of its F-Type sports auto for its 70th birthday, bringing them to full FIA spec and recapturing the original spirit of a famous '50s rally auto we barely even knew about, a white XK120 that won a few championships 70 years ago. This time around, Jaguar has produced two rallying versions of the F-type, once again to mark seven decades since the XK120 was revealed.

Like the Jaguar XK 120 registration plate NUB 120, which in the early 1950s completed three consecutive Alpine Rallies without incurring a single penalty point, and won the RAC and Tulip, the F-Type Convertible is the British marque's sportscar of the day, and it's topless too.

Both cars are powered by the four-cylinder Ingenium petrol engine you can find in the road-going F-type, but Jaguar has also added some extra modifications to make the auto work better on loose surfaces.

The rally-spec F-Type Convertible is powered by Jaguar's 300 PS/400 Nm 2.0 litre Ingenium turbo-four.

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Inside you'll find a an FIA-approved protective roll-cage, six-point harness and fire extinguisher.

The cars feature upgrades to the brakes, suspension and drivetrain, including hand-built competition dampers and softer springs to ensure they can tackle punishing terrain. A limited-slip differential also improves power delivery on loose surfaces while a hydraulic handbrake, with a carbon fiber grip, helps drivers tackle hairpin bends.

As you can probably see from the pictures, it'll happily emulate the leaping cat stuck on its rear three-quarter panel.

We're told the pair of Jags ripped up the Walters Arena rally stage in South Wales, and will be doing drifty things at select events over the next few months. That and more in the video above.

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