Kyrsten Sinema Pulls Ahead In Arizona Senate Race

Bill Clark  CQ-Roll Call Group

Bill Clark CQ-Roll Call Group

With more than 210,000 votes still to be counted in Arizona's Senate race, anything could still happen-but it's not looking promising for Republican candidate Martha McSally. Kyrsten Sinema, in her race against GOP Rep. The county recorder for Maricopa County, where 60% of Arizonans live, is also tweeting out the progress.

In Maricopa and Pina counties, which represent about 75% of votes cast in Arizona and the major urban populations, mail-in voters-which include John McCain's widow, Cindy McCain-have up to five days after the election to fix problems. There are several races too close to call in Arizona, especially the Senate race between Democratic candidate Kyrsten Sinema and Republican candidate Martha McSally.

As vote counting continues in Arizona after Tuesday's midterm election, Sen. The GOP also filed a lawsuit to stop a practice in which officials were checking signatures on early mail ballots that did not match voter files in two counties.

In a victory for Scott late Friday a judge ordered Broward County's election supervisor to allow immediate inspection of voter records. Now, all will follow the standard set by Maricopa, Pima and two other rural counties that allow for post-Election Day cures.

Some county officials in Arizona will have until the middle of next week to resolve issues with mail-in ballots for the state's tight Senate race.

The candidates and their Democratic and Republican allies have built out sophisticated models that analyze the geography of outstanding ballots, past voting behaviors, and voters' party affiliations.

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What caused consternation of Republicans and resulted in the lawsuit is that the early ballots being tallied from those four counties have overall been running in favor of Democrats - a lot.

"I think we're on the right track in Arizona", Gardner said. "And we will continue our effort to make sure all lawful ballots are counted", he said in a Saturday statement.

There is zero evidence of anything unusual going on in the Arizona vote-counting - and no elected Republican officials in the state have cried foul.

Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes estimates Maricopa County still has 162K ballots to process and a new batch will be counted and released at 5 p.m. Monday, Nov. 12.

Fontes added that another bottleneck in his office is the computer system. Each of those ballots must go through a laborious verification process. Arizona has still not declared a victor in the Senate race; it could be several more days before a victor is clear. "I've been here before, and now, here I am again.the dentist's chair". On Friday night, she padded her lead to about 1 percentage point of the 2 million ballots tallied.

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