Midterm election a ‘big day’ for Republicans

McConnell warns about 'presidential harassment'

McConnell warns about 'presidential harassment'

For a long time, Democrats have really been struggling at the state level, so that shift is a big deal.

"And last night... the Republican Party defied history to expand our Senate majority while significantly beating expectations in the House".

In New York, Gillibrand thanked her supporters after winning re-election on Tuesday, telling them: "This is only the beginning, and I can't wait to keep fighting alongside you".

Top Democrats said they would use their control of both chambers to take action on several key issues, including funding Medicaid expansion, keeping $160 million in school funding in place and addressing the opioid crisis, as well as workforce development, student debt relief and promotion of renewable energy. "It was a great victory". But the Republican-controlled House and Senate, with Trump's backing, chose to plow forward with long-promised plans to repeal Obamacare.

Over the last two years there was always this sense that while the president's thunderous championing of white nationalism and anti-immigrant rhetoric and policies was hurting him in the heavily Mexican-American parts of the southwestern United States, it was the key to unlock the Rustbelt and Midwest - the part of the country seen as the one which gave him the presidency.

However, the Democrats stopped short of regaining full control. That's one reason why it's so hard to settle on a single narrative about what happened.

Not taking Arizona, Mississippi or Florida into consideration, Republicans have so far increased their majority by two seats in the Senate.

Pelosi is closely aligned with Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer in obediently saluting President Trump as he boosts military expenditures - which already account for most of the nation's discretionary spending.

In the closing week of campaigning, Trump turned away from the House where numerous most competitive races ran through suburbs, focusing his attention on Senate and gubernatorial races in states where he is relatively popular. Who the Democrats ultimately nominate will naturally have tremendous implications for whether this week's results can be replicated in two years.

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Mr Trump has threatened to retaliate for any Democratic investigations with his own probes in the Senate into alleged "leaks of classified information". Trump only added 2,000 to Mitt Romney's 2012 total, hardly much motion at all. But Trump is wrong that the Republicans outperformed historical precedents. However, he did it by standing still as Clinton underperformed.

Democrats also underperformed in districts that were considered fertile territory for the party.

The tally from the hypothetical matchup accounts for the fact that ME and Nebraska split their electoral votes by Congressional district, which awarded one hypothetical electoral vote to the Republicans in Maine's second district while Democrats carried the state, the same result as in 2016.

That raises big questions about any path to Electoral College victory in 2020.

After retaking control of the US House of Representatives and its many committees earlier this week, a Democratic congressman told the Washington Post that he is ready to investigate the Trump administration's foreign-policy decisions, including those regarding Saudi Arabia.

Voters turned out in record numbers again this election - the final tally is still being counted, but we know it's at least 45 per cent higher than the 2014 midterms. In an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal before his recent confirmation vote, Kavanaugh said he had misspoken because he was upset and assured the public that he would act as a fair and impartial judge. While 44% of voters approve of Mr. Trump's policies, some 20% like his policies but dislike him personally.

There is another way forward, but it's not one that Trump appears capable of enacting. Some two-thirds of voters on Tuesday expressed satisfaction with the economy, and these are people he'd win if he didn't alienate them with his narcissism and petulance.

The president campaigned on behalf of the candidates, pulling off 26 rallies since October 1, and nine in the last four days before the election.

Republican incumbents Steve Knight and Dana Rohrabacher were defeated, however, and Diane Harkey lost to her Democratic challenger in California's 49th, a seat held by Darrell Issa. It wasn't an overwhelming blue wave, but the party did take back the House. Trump has about eighteen months to start building on the opportunity Hillary left him to win moderates as a means of holding off an opponent with better talent at turning out voters.

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