Obama campaigns with Senator Bill Nelson and gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum

Lynne Sladky  AP FILE

Lynne Sladky AP FILE

Trump has focused his closing midterm argument on immigration, stoking anxiety about several caravans of Central American migrants traveling to the southern border.

Trump announced earlier this week that he would send thousands of troops to the border to beef up national defences at the border.

He has campaigned heavily on the issue, warning supporters Thursday that migrants would soon be 'overwhelming your schools, your hospitals, your communities'. Obama then cracked a joke: "You know what?"

'Don't get anxious and freaked out, don't throw up your hands in despair.

Former Vice President Joe Biden was campaigning in OH with former Obama administration official Richard Cordray, who is attempting to become governor in a high-profile contest. "Suddenly Republicans are saying they're gonna protect your pre-existing conditions when they've literally been doing the opposite".

'Let's call it what it is.

"We got the reports from the countries, we got the reports from Mexico, you have a lot of bad people coming into our country, and we're letting them come into our country", he added, with Air Force One parked on the tarmac near the stage.

Trump covets the Senate seats held by Democrats Joe Donnelly of IN and Joe Manchin of West Virginia, two states that the president won handily IN 2016.

Trump's Saturday itinerary fits a familiar profile, with both scheduled rallies aimed at revving up the GOP base behind candidates who are narrowly trailing in most recent polling.

Shortly before midnight, Gillum and Scott met with victims who had been taken to a hospital near the shopping center where the shooting took place.

Lion Air crash: Over 100 body bags of human remains recovered
Lion Air is one of Indonesia's youngest airlines but has grown rapidly, flying to dozens of domestic and worldwide destinations. In December 2014, an AirAsia flight from Surabaya to Singapore plunged into the sea, killing all 162 on board.

Obama is set to campaign again Sunday in his adopted hometown of Chicago, as well as in IN, where the seat of Democratic Senator Joe Donnelly is in danger.

"Ron DeSantis, I've known him a long time", President Donald Trump said. And the only check on that behavior is you.

Obama encouraged a crowd of more than 4,000 to vote for gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum, U.S. Sen.

That's a sharp change in a state where elections notoriously come down to the wire. "The only check on that behavior is you and your vote". And that seemed to be the final straw for Obama, who couldn't help but wonder why the supporters of the party who now control the White House and both houses of Congress are so angry.

Republicans are favoured to retain control of the Senate, whose powers include confirming Trump's nominations to lifetime seats on the Supreme Court.

Obama used similar tactics to thwart a second heckler, who interrupted his comments on health care.

Interest in the election has been unusually high in a year when Congress but not the White House is at stake, according to early voting tallies. This weekend will see them making stops in a total of seven states.

Abrams, who faces Republican Brian Kemp, Georgia's secretary of state, on Tuesday, has been the beneficiary of a string of prominent visitors, including media mogul Oprah Winfrey. Republicans say the law is necessary to deter voter fraud.

"We now find ourselves in this moment where we set the precedent of something great - something transformational in our state", he said. 'How can he mobilise those who are already registered to vote to go out and vote.

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