Report finds biomass can play bigger role in United Kingdom energy production

Report finds biomass can play bigger role in United Kingdom energy production

Report finds biomass can play bigger role in United Kingdom energy production

"Brexit offers the government the opportunity to introduce fundamentally new policies that will reward farmers for producing less greenhouse gases and for capturing carbon emissions".

A new environmental lobby has been formed, aiming to "encourage and support" government in tackling what could be "irreversible" consequences of climate change. The government counters: we have reduced our emissions by 43 per cent since 1990, and with the publication of the Clean Growth Plan will be about 95 per cent of the way to meeting the terms of the fifth carbon budget.

The report, Biomass In A Low Carbon Economy, warned that recycling will need to be greatly stepped up.

In order to mitigate this risk, the CCC has recommended that the use of biofuels from "high-emission" sources such as at-risk forests should be clearly regulated out of use across the UK.

According to the report, biomass could provide up to 15 percent of the U.K.'s energy by 2050, up from approximately 7 percent today. "Unsustainable supplies of biomass have no place in our future energy mix".

"If the supply of biomass is more strictly governed, its use can be sustainable and it can play an essential role in reducing emissions, locking away carbon in plants and soils".

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The report, which follows recent worldwide reports stressing the importance of making rapid reductions in global carbon emissions, outlines that all of the city's sectors will need to greatly reduce their carbon emissions, if the target is to be met. The report makes three overarching recommendations.

"Overall, the report finds that fundamental reform is required to ensure land becomes a more effective carbon store, whilst early action is needed to maximise the benefits from changing how land is used". "Anaerobic digestion (AD) plants produce nutrient-rich, natural fertiliser that helps to restore organic matter and NPK and lock carbon into soils, and the AD industry would like to see greater recognition from government of how this can help to improve the health of the UK's soils".

"It's absolutely central to the battle against climate change".

"Biomass is the only flexible renewable, which can deliver all the support services needed to maintain a secure power system, as more renewables, like wind and solar, come online - further reducing our CO2emissions". This should go alongside planting energy crops on low-quality land.

"The potential for biofuels beyond the electricity sector is also set to grow as the United Kingdom heads towards a net-zero emissions economy".

"The NFU has been clear with its position on British farming's role in tackling climate change; reducing livestock numbers in the United Kingdom is not a part of that policy".

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