Samsung teases its thrilling all-screen Galaxy S10 design once more

Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9

Now we already know that Samsung is one of the rare manufacturers in the market, which has strictly decided not to implement the notch in its phone and is relying on its Infinity displays to achieve more permanent, bezel-less and edge-to-edge solution for its screens. Each of the design variations that Samsung submitted have one thing in common, a camera hole in the upper-left portion of the display. The phone has been rumored for months and weve only heard that Samsungs next flagship smartphone might have a hole cut-out for a selfie camera. According to the report, Samsung Display has been developing the glue for some five years, as it is crucial to ensure the great stress that comes from folding the device won't do any damage to any of the screen's layers. This will create a number of inconveniences, because of the large size of the apparatus will be dropped from his hands, and to use them in public transport so far would be impossible, because to use the phone in such places, you need just two hands and one need to hold on to the handrail. In all these designs, Samsung shows cut-out in the top left corner along with varying display shapes.

In addition to "optimized" UI elements like notification icons, status bar signal, time, power, and so on, Samsung is purportedly working on some kind of a camera-hiding trick during video playback. This matches what previous reports have said about the launch. On top of that, the company also seems to be looking into holographic displays, as one of its recent patents suggests that as well. A camera that would be integrated below the screen and that in this way would be perfectly integrated into it without any "notch".

Samsung Galaxy S10 Patent
Source LetsGoDigital

During its Samsung Developers Conference, the company unveiled its experimental notch designs - Infinity-U, Infinity-V, and Infinity-O. However, the sensors will reportedly be different from those on the A7.

There will also be Ultrasonic fingerprint sensor under the display panel which has become quite the trend for the phones released in late 2018 and there is also a mention of triple camera set up at the back with a Standard lens, Wide lens & a telephoto lens. Huawei used a similar setup for the P20 Pro.

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