Stephen Hawking personal effects fetch £1.8m at auction

Britain Stephen Hawking Auction

Britain Stephen Hawking Auction

The items were included in the Christie's auction "On the Shoulders of Giants", which ran October 31 to November 8 and included handwritten documents from fellow brainiacs Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, and some guy named Albert Einstein.

The proceeds will be donated to two charities - the Foundation of Stephen Hawking and the Association for the fight against motor neuron disease (Motor Neurone Disease Association).

Also on sale were personal copies of the British physicist's papers, such as a copy of his 1974 article, Black Hole Explosions?, in which he predicted that black holes would release blackbody radiation, known as Hawking Radiation.

The lots included medals and awards which sold for a total of £296,750, while Prof Hawking's own scientific papers and library of the works of other famous scientists such as Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin and Albert Einstein, went for sums in the tens of thousands of pounds.

Properties of Expanding Universes - attracted even bigger bids and eventually sold for £584,750.

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Hawking completed his thesis in 1965 after a turbulent and tragic start to his career as a theoretical physicist. Only five copies of the thesis exist in the world, although digital copies have been made available to the public for free.

In total the auction raised £1,824,375. In 1963 he was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, 22 years later he lost the ability to speak.

Perhaps more surprising, among some of Hawking's possessions was a script from an episode of "The Simpsons", which raised $8,160 (£6,250).

The second-highest price of Hawking's collection was achieved by a selection of medals and awards presented throughout his career, which sold for £296,750 ($388,970).

One of his most famous works was his landmark book a "A Brief History of Time", which sold more than 10 million copies. Letters and manuscripts belonged to Newton, Einstein and Darwin were also put on the sale. He was 76 years old.

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