Strategy-Shooter Void Bastards Revealed for Xbox One

Void Bastards, announced earlier today during Microsoft's X018 conference, is an upcoming tactical shooter from Irrational Games co-founder Jonathan Chey - director of development on BioShock and System Shock 2 - and his Australian studio Blue Manchu.

"Void Bastards" is coming to Xbox One and PC in early 2019.

Forget everything you know about first-person shooters: Void Bastards asks you to take charge, not just point your gun and fire.

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Your task is to lead the rag-tag Void Bastards out of the Sargasso Nebula. "Will you make the right choices about what to do, where to go and when to fight?"

Move carefully through the risky ships, searching for supplies and manipulating control systems. Navigate your tiny escape pod through the vast nebula. With multiple characters (or criminals) to choose from, players will be required to scheme up various plans to survive the creatures roaming the galaxy, from greedy and merciless pirates to large and very deadly space whales. Remaining on the ship gives you more time to find loot to build new weapons and items (including a meowing robo-kitty), or grab the food and fuel you need to keep your crew alive.

Blue Manchu says Void Bastards has a campaign lasting around 14 hours, and it sounds like it was created to be completed and replayed roguelike-style across multiple characters. When one dies, another steps forward to carry on the fight.

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