The new Apple Pencil for the iPad Pros doesn't support Qi charging

The new Apple Pencil for the iPad Pros doesn't support Qi charging

The new Apple Pencil for the iPad Pros doesn't support Qi charging

As expected, this new iPad Pro isn't meant to be repaired by Apple customers, as it's hard to open, but iFixit did present some interesting discoveries.

The Pencil 2 offers the most interesting reveal, showing the capacitive touch array that Patently Apple surfaced from a grant earlier this year, and which powers the new tap-to-wake and -pair capability.

Indeed, Gareth Beavis, UK Editor-in-Chief, reviewed the iPad Pro 11 for TechRadar and recommends holding off on the keyboard case purchase, while caution is required when buying the Pencil.

Intrepid journalist took one for the team and tested the theory out, and the outcome was just as wonderful as we could have ever hoped - yes, the iPad Pro does indeed have enough magnetic pull to attach itself to a fridge.

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The speakers can't be replaced and because there are eight - four woofers and four tweeters - it adds a lot of magnets.

iFixit points out that dropping the physical home button removes a common point of failure. Along with Face ID and new gesture-based controls, the new pro-level tablets have also made another significant change: they've swapped their Lightning port for USB-C.

The new iPhone, aka the 2019 iPhone 11, or even iPhone XI - the naming jury is clearly still out - could have a new design that's inspired by the new iPad Pro and this is exactly how that would look.

Check out the full teardown here.

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