Valve VR prototype headset teased with Half-Life VR game

SimforHealthSimforHealth Sleep Endoscopy Simulator

SimforHealthSimforHealth Sleep Endoscopy Simulator

The hardware is part of a platform and software launching for enterprises in North America and Europe that want to create VR experiences for customers and employees. The HTC Vive Focus work the same way as the Facebook's Oculus Quest. Pricing for the Vive Focus starts at $599.

According to newly leaked images and independent sources who have spoken with UploadVR, Valve will be releasing a VR headset with a 135-degree field of view and resolution that matches the Vive Pro (1440 x 1600 pixels per eye). Now, after a long wait of more than 7 months, the Vive Focus has arrived in the U.S. and certain other worldwide markets.

HTC has finally brought its first wireless virtual reality headset that has always been kept to the Chinese, but it doesn't look like the average Joe or Jane will be able to acquire it.

To go along with the Vive Focus, HTC also announced a new SDK for the Vive Wave VR platform.

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Since the global release of the Vive VR headset in April 2016, HTC has been stepping up its VR operations in an attempt to offset its losses in the highly competitive smartphone market, but the strategy has yet to pull it out of its sales doldrums.

Vive Sync is a tool made for virtual reality collaboration and meeting application.

HTC mentions that Volkswagen, SimForHealth and other companies already use Vive in their businesses for training, simulation and product design.

The company also introduced more business-centric features to the Vive Focus, like a kiosk mode, batch configuration and Android encryption.

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