Visual tweaks hit Rainbow Six Siege ahead of release in Asian countries

Action Feed Icons

Action Feed Icons

Ubisoft is in the process of adjusting maps and icons in Rainbow Six Siege to comply with content restrictions in Asian territories. These changes will affect all players, though as the French company noted none of these changes will have an impact on gameplay.

The company explains that maintaining a single version of the game rather than two parallel versions eases strain on the development team and ultimately prevents it from having to do the same work twice to address issues in both versions.

The developers are now working to expand Rainbow Six Siege into Asian territories, and is making the adjustments to icons and maps to "ensure compliance".

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In the environments, skulls have been modified and covered, slot machines have been removed, some blood splatters have been taken off walls, and some neon lights showing a women pole-dancing now just features a woman's hand. You can check out the changes in the gallery below. While I understand Ubisoft's decision in wanting to make the visual changes to appease to a larger fan base, I do hope the publisher and community finds a good middle ground so the focus can get back to what it needs to be - which is the actual game.

Some of the changes are very minor, but slightly baffling: wall art showing the Grim Reaper's face is being changed to hide the skull with a face mask and sunglasses, and action feed icons that show skulls will instead show a training dummy with an "X" on the chest. While these are pretty notable changes, Ubisoft stresses that Rainbow Six: Siege will stay "true to its roots".

Are you OK with the changes Ubisoft wants to make? As of the time of writing this, the entire front page of the Rainbow Six Siege subreddit has been littered with thread titles that stem from "I assume the sharp edges are too violent to post here?" to more serious ones like "I'm Chinese".

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