Microsoft Says the New Microsoft Edge Will Support All Google Chrome Extensions

Microsoft Edge logo is seen on an Android mobile device

Microsoft Edge logo is seen on an Android mobile device

"It's our intention to support existing Chrome extensions", Kyle Alden, Edge Project Manager, explained.

As with Chrome, Alden said that the team expects to support installing PWAs directly from the browser, as well as through the Microsoft Store.

In that post, Alden also reassured users and developers of UWP (Universal Windows Platform) apps, which are created to work on EdgeHTML, that they will not suddenly stop working: "Existing UWP apps (including PWAs in the Store) will continue to use EdgeHTML/Chakra without interruption".

Microsoft Edge - as a web browser - will be coming with Chromium to Microsoft devices that don't run a standard version of Windows 10, too.

Last week Microsoft announced plans to move Edge away from the EdgeHTML engine and over to Chromium. This way, web developers will no longer have to test their sites on multiple browser platforms in order to make sure they are compatible with all of them.

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Chrome offers some genuinely incredible extensions as well. The only real question that needs to be answered is when Microsoft will let people get their hands on the new version of Edge.

Alden also spoke to the schedule for moving both Edge and Windows 10 to Chromium.

Google has had a hard time to keeping up the quality control regarding extensions submitted to Chrome Web Store and new unwanted extensions are added daily. However, I must caveat this by stating it is Microsoft's "intention to support" these extensions, which gives the company space to deliver the support at a later date if they so wish. There are some search hijacker developers that create a brand new extension nearly every day as Google removes one of their older ones from the store.

"We don't plan to shim under those with a different engine. We do expect to offer a new WebView that apps can choose to use based on the new rendering engine", Alden said.

So good news all around.

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