Ocasio-Cortez Burns Mike Huckabee: Leave 'False Statements' To Your Daughter



Following the press conference, Fox News host Sean Hannity tweeted out an article from his website headlined, "LUNAR LUNACY: Cortez Compares Her 2018 Election with the MOON LANDING, 'Establishing Civil Rights'".

On Friday, Ocasio-Cortez gave a speech and talked about how grateful she was to win New York's 14th District, saying, "We've done what we thought was impossible".

"From jailing children to banning folks based on their religion, this Admin has been criminal from the start", Ocasio continued.

Part of her campaign platform included advocating for the abolishment of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency. "Moon landing done by ppl who knew what they were doing...those who elected someone who thought there were 3 branches of Congress did NOT".

"We went to the moon". We established civil rights.

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It didn't take long for Ocasio-Cortez to simultaneously correct Huckabee, restate her point, diss his irrelevance, and drag his daughter all in one compact tweet.

"We have found that on some of the most important issues facing this country and the world, corporate media, generally speaking, is not there", Sanders told The Intercept's Naomi Klein at the Sanders Institute Gathering in Burlington, Vermont over the weekend. "We dig deep, and we did it", Ocasio-Cortez said.

In her response, Ocasio-Cortez also pointed to the proposed Green New Deal, another project that "will take a level of ambition + innovation on the scale of the moon landing".

The former Arkansas governor was mocking the 28-year-old democratic socialist for comparing her election this November to the 1969 Moon landing. The Green New Deal aims to radically tackle the climate crisis by developing a plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to transition the U.S.to 100 percent renewable energy within 10 years of passing the Green New Deal legislation.

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