Tommy Robinson and Ukip leader Gerard Batten leads ‘Brexit Betrayal’ march

Tommy Robinson arrives to take part in a

Tommy Robinson arrives to take part in a"Brexit Betrayal march and rally organised by Ukip in central London. PRESS ASSOCIATION

Scotland Yard has imposed restrictions for the central London marches and urged people to protest peacefully.

UKIP said their march against the "Brexit Betrayal" would be "the largest pro-Brexit event of the year".

Political commentator Owen Jones told TalkRADIO that Robinson, real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, "did not represent" Leave voters, and that Leavers and Remainers should come together to oppose him.

Mr Batten has defended his association with Mr Robinson, claiming he was a "high profile" figure who had been "persecuted by the state because of his views".

Unite Against Fascism and grassroots group Momentum are also marching against Mr Robinson.

'This march isn't about Brexit, it's about far-right extremists dressing up in suits and pretending to be respectable, ' Mr McDonnell said.

He added: "The Tommy Robinson issue should have been shelved and debated within the party following Brexit - in line with the sensible decision taken by the national executive committee last month".

Along the route, they held placards saying, "Oppose Tommy Robinson".

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The pro-Brexit protesters also booed when Mr Batten mentioned Prime Minister Theresa May.

Ukip supporters started their procession at the Dorchester Hotel and followed a specified route to the Houses of Parliament.

The protesters chanted the whole way, shouting "Nazi scum, off our streets".

Among Ukip supporters outside the luxury establishment was a man who gave his name as Laukan Creasey, from Stevenage, who was carrying a gallows with a noose hanging down.

In a letter, Mr Coburn said UKIP had been "infiltrated by people with an alternative agenda".

There, police barriers separated them from counter-demonstrators who marched from outside the BBC building in Portland Place to Whitehall. That's what treasonous people get.

Marchers with their faces covered briefly made their way to the front, and at a few points a handful of Robinson supporters were swiftly escorted away by police.

"There's deep concern in Britain about the growth of the far right in this country, under the guise of Tommy Robinson and Ukip".

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