Your Instagram feed now scrolls sideways for no good reason

It's unclear just how many people have the new feed, but the Independent reports that Instagram users around the world have received it.

But now the Head of Instagram says it was a big mix-up and users will see their feed revert to scrolling as soon as they restart the app. It then instructs that you "tape [the screen] to see the next post". If the test is an utter failure, and the reaction is as negative as it appeared to be today, perhaps we can dodge this bullet, but widespread disapproval hasn't always stopped social media platforms in the past.

You might notice the past tense scattered throughout this post, and that's because while I was writing it, Instagram seemingly reverted everyone back to the classic vertical feed.

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Although the change is as simple as scrolling left and right instead of up and down, it entirely changes the way in which users are accustomed to looking at posts on their newsfeed. The new way of navigating the app mirrored the way users move through the popular "stories" feature. It appears as though the app has been changed globally, for a majority of users.

Instagram has improved for the better a number of times. And many have begun to speak out online about the change. "Sincerely, everyone." The tweet quickly accumulated over 1,000 likes and 500 retweets.

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