Ariana Grande’s Japanese tattoo reads ‘barbecue grill’ instead of ‘7 Rings’

Sound of Music 7 Rings

Sound of Music 7 Rings

Only, the tattoo didn't say what Grande thought it said; her Japanese-speaking fan base quickly informed her that the tattoo means BBQ grill in Japanese.

Explaining all, she wrote: "Indeed, I left out "つの指" which should have gone in-between".

And look, to be fair, I too have a palm tattoo, and as a collector of many, many other tattoos, I can confirm that yes, it's more hard to tattoo (since you need to go deeper into the skin to avoid fading) and yes, it hurts like an absolute b*tch.

In widely shared screenshots of now-deleted tweets, Grande acknowledged she had forgotten a symbol but noted that the design won't last, as skin on the palm regrows faster than that on the rest of the body and tattoos there usually fade.

She followed up the post with a second saying: "Also. huge fan of BBQ grills". Shortly after it came out, the singer tweeted her approval.

Ariana Grande may be regretting her latest tiny tattoo. The original picture of her new ink has also been deleted from her Instagram. "You know how when you're waiting at Tiffany's they give you lots of champagne?" According to Inquisitr, Ari had posted a similar photo on her right hand side while there might or could be others who said it otherwise and then some to it.

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Since its release, "7 Rings" has broken several records, including Spotify's 24-hour streaming record, as reported by Forbes. Interestingly enough, Ariana apparently got this detail correct in the song's music video.

QUIZ: Which Song From "thank u, next" Are You? Many believe this is also the case for her misspelled tattoo and her nonchalant response.

But as several Twitter marks have pointed out, the "七輪" tattoo is several characters short of communicating its intended meaning.

"It's the typical archetype of people using google translate before getting a tattoo." . Instead, however, she ended up with a tattoo that reads "shichirin", a type of small BBQ grill.

And hey, if Grande doesn't want to wait for her palm tattoo to rub away over time, which it likely will, she can just pay to have it laser-removed.

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