Karan Johar finally speaks up on Pandya-Rahul sexist comments row

Karan Johar,Karan Johar Koffee with Karan,Karan Johar Hardik Pandya

Karan Johar,Karan Johar Koffee with Karan,Karan Johar Hardik Pandya

Several of Hardik and Rahul's teammates shared their views and even now this controversy is a topic of discussion on all social media platforms.

In a conversation with a news portal, Karan Johar has ended his long-drawn silence by stating that he feels very responsible for all what happened as it is his show and his platform. I invited them as guests and so the ramifications and repercussion of the show are my responsibility. However, Karan says he has no control over answers that come his way, reported Business Standard.

The filmmaker added, "They are good cricketers, they are young, they have a future ahead of them, and I really would like to say that it is entirely my fault for having put out something that may have caused damage".

Calling himself a feminist who has been brought up by strong women, Johar said he asks the same questions to everyone.

Speaking about how he has no control over the answers given by his guests, Karan Johar said that he asked them the same questions posed to everyone else including female actors like Deepika Padukone and Alia Bhatt. Some thought, "Oh, he's wild, he's insane, he's cracked, he's mad, he said amusing things...' No one came and told me it was inappropriate or that 'Karan, maybe we should edit it", and as a result, I didn't think...

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What do we say now, because the damage has been done.

Meanwhile, the show host Karan Johar, who is a notable person in the Bollywood Film Industry quoted that he feels responsible for the youngsters. Some thought he was wild, he was insane, mad and some said he was amusing.

"And then there was talk about me actually enjoying the TRP".

Asked if he has any regrets about the episode, Johar said he regretted what has happened to them. "I feel the boys have faced the price for their comments", he added. It's not my career, it's theirs. "I don't care about the ratings and people don't understand that an English language show is never dependent on TRPs". We are nowhere in the radar of ratings. None of them came and told me that Karan this is inappropriate.

"After the controversy, the episode featuring the two cricketers was taken down by Hotstar". Karan went on to tell the television channel that he has a team of women who did not find the bits offensive and therefore he carried on with the episode, the way they had shot.

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