Norway sets record for sales of EVs

Norwegian stock of passenger cars by fuel

Norwegian stock of passenger cars by fuel

According to statistics revealed by the independent Norwegian Road Federation (NRF), sales of EVs climbed to 31.2% of the total industry volume of 147,929 units in 2018.

Just 51 of all ZEV models sold in 2018 had a hydrogen fuel cell system.

This Scandivanian nation has been a pioneer in turning itself into a greener economy.

ZEV passenger vehicle sales were up 13,063 units from 2017, when market share was 20.8 per cent.

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By contrast, such electric cars had a 2.2 per cent share in China in 2017 and 1.2 per cent in the United States, IEA data show. The country provides benefits for electric auto buyers such as zero import and sales tax, no vehicle-registration fees, free access to toll roads, and free parking in some city areas. Solberg Thorsen said he expects an even bigger share of battery-powered cars going forward, as there is still an untapped demand for more family-friendly electric vehicles, with longer range at reasonable prices. Three of the five most popular models were electric, with the Leaf from Nissan claiming the top spot, ahead of BMW's i3 and Tesla's Model X.

The Institute of Transport Economics (ITE), a consultancy, doubted that the 2025 goal for emissions-free new cars could be reached. Norsk Elbilforening. Director of Norsk Elbilforening (Norwegian Electric Cars Association), Snorre Sletvold promotes their 100.000 EV in 2020 campaign. Do let us know!

South Korea's Hyundai Motor Group predicted on Wednesday another year of tepid auto sales growth in 2019 on the back of a slow 2018, saying trade protectionism adds uncertainty and major markets such as the United States and China remained sluggish.

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